Helping freelancers get booked and paid.

Simplehours is a smart calendar to organise your clients and your revenue. Add your jobs and at a glance see your schedule and businesses health.

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Think you are happy with Google Calendar and speadsheet..
See how your life could be so much simpler.

Feature 01

Quick Summaries

Add a day rate for each project and see a summary of your total monthly earnings, total time worked and days left to book.

Feature 02

iCal Integration

Add your Simplehours feed to your Calendar app (like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar) and view your work there.

Feature 03

Share with Clients

Clients are happy when kept in the loop. Easily share a calender with your clients so they know what days they are booked in for and the cost.

Feature 03

Coming Soon...

FreeAgent and Xero invoice integration

Let's get you more work

When you contract or freelance you can end up spinning many plates. Simplehours can make your life, well simple. Add your booked in projects into the calendar and we do the rest.